Thursday, December 07, 2006

5 Things I Look for in a Job

1. Passion - Is the team passionate about the craft of software development? Is the company? People who love software breed enthusiasm, while the apathetic, "it's just a job" types can suck the life out of any room.

2. Purpose - What impact will this software have on its users? Working on tax management software is considerably less appealing than developing a website that allows people to donate to charity.

3. Respect - You've just entrusted me to develop your server applications, don't prohibit me from browsing Flickr. It's insulting. Occasionally, a cup of coffee and a random diversion are exactly what I need to solve a hard problem.

4. Opportunity - How can this company change the world? What part might I play in that? Not everyone is in this game for the money.

5. Comfort - Is there good coffee? Decent chairs? Windows? A company that creates an uplifting work environment is far more likely to attract top talent than a company that keeps its developers in the basement.